Top 50 Small Business Ideas for India Small investment Startup ideas

A lot of the most effective small-scale business ideas for 2021 are based on the idea of an online-based business model.

Select a business plan that you know and are enthusiastic about.

Before you start a business consider if there is an audience for the product you are planning to offer.

This article is for those seeking a way to begin a business.


Do you think that a business plan that is profitable requires an investment of a significant amount?


If so, then I am sorry to inform you that you can begin an enterprise within India for less than INR 5k, or even with no investment. It is also possible to end up earning huge profits from these small-scale business concepts. It’s clear that the present generation is all about startups and ideas. Many start-ups such as Flipkart, Ola, OYO, Uber, Zomato, and many more. have begun their journey this decade and have made it huge within markets like the Indian markets. The big names are everywhere on the Internet and are in every household that has access to the internet. This is surely extremely fast-paced, and you have to ensure that you keep up.


There is a significant chance for entrepreneurs to make a impression with their innovative business ideas in India. In the case of startup ideas in India beginning the right way is crucial to secure an area and gaining expansion. As we said, when you start a business, it is not necessary to make a huge amount of capital, you can begin with as little as you can and then expand on it.


If you aren’t sure what to do the following article will help you answer your questions.


Continue reading to learn about the top business ideas to earn money with the low investment needs. This list contains a variety of business ideas for online businesses in India as well as offline ideas and home-based business ideas and much more (includes business ideas for women or housewives as well).)


  1. Content Writing


Content writing


Investment INR 0 if you are a freelancer however if you have writers in a group, then you’ll be accountable for their wages, workplace requirements and other related needs.

Earnings: INR 10,000 to INR 60,000/month


It is certainly one of the most effective ways to earn money online. Large companies such as Infosys, TCS, and Wipro to medium-sized media startups, bloggers, websites, and so on everyone needs content. In the coming years the creation and distribution of content will be more in demand than they are today. If you’re a part of a team of editors, video creators and podcast recorders, writers and photographers, as well as other types of content creators and distributors, you have the chance of becoming huge in the world of content.


The investment here is not too significant, but the return is huge. The only investment you’ll must make is time, skills and a laptop or desktop and an internet connection.


Top Content Writers in India: Mukti Masih, Priyanka Desai, Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma


The production of content is increasing:


The production of content has dramatically increased in 2021 due to the COVID-19. The population has spent more time in the indoors and on the internet. This is why the consumption of content has risen dramatically.


More content creation


General charges imposed by content writers (per word):


Image Source Image Source: ClearVoice

  1. Coaching Classes


Coaching classes for business growth


The investment is INR 10k or more (for renting a space) If you are working on your own

Earnings: INR 20k per month, to several lakhs


You may have realized that education is among the most lucrative small business options available today or maybe you haven’t. Every exam requires adequate guidance in today’s market and everyone wants to do their best at it.


This is why the popularity of the traditional coach centers. However, the past decade has witnessed a dramatic increase in the demand for online educational tools, which has brought ever-growing opportunities to the market. In addition there is no investment as expensive. It is possible to teach online, which will cost nothing, and the total fees would make you money. There are a variety of companies such as Unacademy, SimpliLearn, Topper and more. that provide you with the opportunity to offer online classes and be money for it. You can join these brands or start your own.

  1. App Development


mobile app development price in world


The investment is INR 0. if working on your own.


If you begin an enterprise with app developers who are also fellows, then you’ll be required to pay their salary, pay for the costs of a website , if you offer your services via the website, and so on.


Earnings: INR 25k to INR 3 lakhs per month


It is obvious that nearly every website should have an app to help promote and grow their business


There is clearly plenty of potential and growth potential in this area. If you are already studying app development, then you can make a profit ahead.


Do not fret if you don’t already have this ability:


It’s simple to learn and a variety of courses to teach the same can be found on the internet. After you’ve learned the basics you can apply it by working as a freelancer or applying for jobs with those who are seeking app developers.


You could also form an enterprise with other app developers as well. This is another of the small-scale business ideas that could be done from your at home, and requires no expenditure.


Development is needed:


The graph below will show the type of developer that is most needed in this day and age.


Developer statistics

  1. Professional Photography


professional photography


Investment Cost: INR 0 if you work at home on your own.


If you establish an agency, you’ll be accountable for the salary of the photographers on your group.


It is possible that you will require an office space and pay its cost if you and your staff prefer to work at your home. You can also create an online website for your photography services, so that customers can make orders, etc. Therefore, the cost of the website will be included.


Earnings: INR 390/ hour


In the last decade in the past decade, the Indian buying capacity has dramatically grown.


What do you think?


This has allowed individuals to purchase expensive items such as equipment needed in fields such as photography. If you’re a lover for photography, then why not earn a living as a professional photographer? There is the possibility of selecting a specific area of photography and pursuing it professionally. The most lucrative areas is wedding photography since in the United States, weddings can be quite costly.


Social media has brought an entirely new direction to photography’s popularity. The majority of clients who hire photographers for their events have separate photographers for candid and traditional photography. In addition, today photographers are sought-after for any event, be they celebrating birthdays or weddings shootings or pre-wedding shoots or engagement parties and other events. Therefore, you could earn an income from this idea of starting a business. The investment you make will be in your skills, time, and the equipment required.


A graph illustrating the average earnings for Wedding Photographers (as per the location):


The earnings of wedding Photographers


Focus: When you are considering photography as a career it is important to determine your area of expertise first. Determine if you would like to pursue wedding photography, wild life photography, or another. The truth is that marriage photography is an excellent career choice for photographers who are just beginning their careers.


The reason is that they could earn anything from INR 30 to INR 1,50,000 for every wedding event. Imagine this!


The top wedding photographers in the market:


Albummed charges INR 1,50,000 per day


Photo Paparazzo charges INR 1,25,000 per day


Happyframes charges INR 1,30,000 per day


How do I Begin?


Nowadays social media is the most effective way to gain jobs in any field. Therefore, share your posts on social media and work to build an impressive following. This is the most effective way to gain customers. Your photos will soon start being shared and featured by bloggers and influencers.


You could also contact potential clients and provide them with samples from your portfolio.

  1. Translation Services


Translation services


The investment is INR 0. if working at home.


You can start an agency for translations by forming a team.


You’ll then be accountable for the wages of the employees and any other expenses related to them.


Earnings: 3-4 lakhs per year


We’ve all heard of these dubbed videos, didn’t we?


You need an online translator that can translate text, video content and subtitles. between different languages. If you’re proficient in more than two languages, this is your chance to make progress.


You can also start an enterprise of translation with an entire team of writers, editors, translators and so on. Every film or TV show requires subtitles in a variety of languages. Translation and subtitles are booming in the present era.So it is one of the most effective alternatives to consider. It is possible to


In addition, the internet is getting more affordable every day, and everyone today has an internet connection. Thus, the consumption of digital content has risen dramatically. Additionally, the major-capitalized industries are trying out YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to engage with their customers and create leads. This is the future!


Investment INR 0 if you are working from home alone.


However, you can create a small-scale business by forming an entire team. You’ll then be accountable for the salary of your employees as well as other expenses related to work.


Earnings INR 40,000/month (Standard payment for each voiceover expert)


Research suggests that the industry of voiceover is growing rapidly. This is a fact because the internet connects every corner of the globe and it is impossible to expect everyone to be able to speak in many different languages. Many online media such as text, podcasts, videos and more. require the narration of a voiceover. Some videos also require the dubbing of a foreign language , so viewers from all over the world can view the content. If you’ve got a great audible voice, as well as good ability to speak and read narration This job is perfect for you!


Think about this as one of the business concepts that have was not known to most people. Try it out and make a name for yourself in the field of voiceovers because it could be a lucrative venture for you. In addition, the pay is very good.

  1. Sell Handicrafts


selling handicrafts


Investment: INR 1,000 to INR 10,000 at first

Earnings: It depends on the amount you decide to pay.


If you’re skilled in making things, you can start selling them and make good money and recognition for your talents.


Recently, many people are using this idea of a small-scale business to scale up to new heights and you can too. You can start this business online too. You can also put this idea to life by joining forces with handicrafters, pot makers and candle makers, for example.


It is important to understand that a lot of sellers on Shopify began by selling homemade products. Therefore, you’ve got an opportunity to grow using this model for Etsy, Shopify, or you can even start the first eCommerce store. This is a fantastic village-based business idea and will help rural areas to grow and be recognized.

  1. Food Business Ideas


Food business with choclate


The investment: from INR 20000 – INR 1 lakh

Earnings: INR 2.5 lakhs per month


Nowadays, everyone looks at Google to find hotels and flights. Many people use hotels on the internet using search engines such as MakeMyTrip, Trivago, and others to find the most affordable travel option.


Therefore, if you could establish an entire team of employees and launch the website that offers low-cost travel options, the number of visitors will be enormous. Due to the increasing the demand for profitable holiday plans and flexible services for managing business trips today, a company like this will surely grow with time and grow slowly.


Information on Salary of Travel Agents:


  1. Wedding Planner


Wedding coordinator


Investment INR 0 if you are working on your own. However, most companies work in a group. Therefore, you’ll need to pay for the salary of your employees. Additionally, you’ll have to pay the costs of office space. Or, you can opt to operate through an online platform.

Earnings: 2-6 lakhs per month


Indian weddings are always spectacular. Wedding season in India offers a huge chance for entrepreneurs to assist in managing various tasks related to weddings and operations.


Wedding planners perform a variety of tasks from assisting the bride and groom choose their wedding dresses to arranging events and managing guests. Creative people who are enthusiastic about celebrations, parties, and possess management skills could start an enterprise to plan weddings. It is recommended to have a group of between 5 and 10 people who are able to finish the task on time.


This innovative small-business idea can earn you lots of money if you succeed in this type of business. You can also choose an online presence that is completely functional with no physical office for this kind of business. The investment will not comprise anything, but the profits will be huge.

  1. Transcription Service


Another option from the numerous online business ideas in India:


The work involves the conversion of audio and video files to text. These services are needed in a variety of languages. Medical videos, ads, famous speeches, courtroom proceedings, etc. require transcription services. Therefore, if you’re not proficient in English but you are fluent in any other native language:


You can also try this out!


If you’re someone with an ear for detail and an ability to type quickly and efficiently, then this is the task for you. The greatest benefit is that you can complete this job from your home , and you can work on a flexible timetable. It is also possible to become a certified transcriptionist and charging more.


Demand for Transcriptionists:


The graph below illustrates the huge increase in expected market size of transcriptionists between 2016 and 2027. This is justifiable in every way since everyone who creates content wants to have to have a global audience these days. Therefore, starting a company which offers transcription services is among the most successful small-business concepts you’ll find.


We hope that we have addressed every one of your small-investment business related questions. The following list of concepts is designed to give you the most profitable and most effective startup ideas in India that require minimal to no capital investment.


You’re sure you want to establish a business but you’re having a difficult to articulate your ideas. If you’re looking to be an entrepreneur, it’s essential to begin with a brilliant business plan. All you require is a little bit of inspiration. All it takes is an idea that is able to develop over time.


If you’re thinking of setting up a business by 2021, you must to take the new norm into consideration. The COVID-19 epidemic has altered the way consumers consume goods and services. Although starting a business in retail or restaurant may have been an excellent idea in the past, you may want to rethink your ideas until you know what the year ahead unfolds. Instead of focusing on traditional enterprises, consider ones that are able to support the way people live their lives. Whatever type of business you choose to pursue, you’ll need to develop a solid business plan, however most of the suggestions on this list require only the services of a credit card processor to take payments in order to begin.


The following list of commercial concepts contains 21 different kinds of businesses to ensure the success you want in 2021 as well as beyond. If you discover an subject you would like to explore make sure you review the steps to follow to begin your own business.


If you’re looking to start your own business, think about one of these fantastic business ideas.

  1. Consultant


If you’re knowledgeable and passionate about a particular subject (business or marketing, social media, leadership, human resources and communication and so on. ) Starting a consulting business could be a lucrative alternative. You can begin your consulting business by yourself, and then expand your business and employ additional consultants as time goes on.

  1. Online reseller


People who are passionate about fashion and/or sales might want to think about creating an online reseller business. It’s not easy, but it requires lots of effort and time – along with an interest in fashion, it’s a fantastic idea to start as a side-job and grow into a full-time resale business. Start with online stores such as Poshmark and Mercari to sell your old clothes, and eventually expand to your own resale site.

  1. Online teaching


The growing demand for online education has created a vast opportunity for entrepreneurs to begin their own businesses. Because it’s an online business concept, you are able to select any topic you’re knowledgeable about and instruct a class regardless of where you are. If you don’t have the most advanced understanding of a particular area it is possible to consider teaching English as an online foreign language to students from overseas.

  1. Online bookkeeping


Like education, technology has allowed many bookkeeping services to be carried out online. If you’re an bookkeeper or accountant who would like the freedom and independence of owning your own business, you are able to benefit from the latest technology to create your own bookkeeping business online and take on other businesses as customers.


The last 10 years of growth:


The total amount of revenue generated by digital advertising during the fiscal year 2020 year in India is a staggering INR 200 billion. In the year ahead, India has been ranked as the third largest marketing market worldwide, with the total revenue from advertising exceeding INR 700 billion mark.


The graph below clearly indicates that by FY 2024, digital marketing is expected to outstrip both the ad printing industry as well as TV ad revenue also. This is a very profitable business concept that you should not ignore.


digital marketing growth


  1. Medical courier service


If you own a reliable vehicle and have good time management skills, you might be interested in establishing your own courier service , more specifically an medical courier service. As an driver, you’d be in charge of transporting medical equipment, such as lab samples, prescription drugs and other equipment. The health industry is growing and this is great for jobs in medical courier services. security. You can start your own courier company by yourself or hire others to drive for you.

  1. App developer


If you’re knowledgeable and proficient in technology, you might be interested in pursuing an opportunity in the field of app development. Smartphones are now a common gadget for many Americans and this has led to an increase in the demand for mobile apps. Virtual reality software has gained popularity in recent years, which means there is a need for VR application development.

  1. Transcription service


If you have a great hearing and are able to type quickly and quickly, a transcription service is a fantastic business idea which allows you to work from home on an able timetable. The medical transcription service is particularly required as technology for voice recognition is growing for healthcare provider transcription. If you’re not planning to begin all at once or have an existing job that you’d prefer to keep for the moment, you are able to take on as many or as little transcription tasks as you’d like. To increase your chances of success and to justify charging more you can consider becoming certified as a transcriptionist and looking into a handful of specialties.


How to select a financial advisor


Investment is a flat INR 0 when you work at your home. If you have a group and lease an office space and you’ll need to pay the salaries of your employees and other expenses for office space.

Earnings: INR 50k/month (approx.)


If you’re good at something , and you can help others to achieve their goals and you are able to help others, don’t do it for no cost.


If, for instance, you are adept at running a business and you want to create a business consulting. If you’re an influencer on social media, you could start instructing people on how to reach this level of fame.


A fitness trainer could start an exercise consultancy and a life coach might launch a counselling service and the list could go on. Consultancy services are growing at a rapid rate and you may be interested in grabbing the chance. This is also one of the most lucrative home-based business ideas.


Successful Consultants in India: Sandip Mitra, Ranjan Kumar Baral, Ravikumar Krishnan


The last 10 years of growth:


The graph below shows the constant growth in revenues generated by the consulting market.



  1. Graphic Designing


graphic design


Investment is 0 INR if you are working on your own. You can form a team and create a website to provide graphic design services. You’ll need invest some money in the development of your website and the wages of those who work with you.

Earnings: INR 20,000 per month (initially)


If you’ve learned about graphic design, or are looking to master this art Congratulations! You can create a business from this, and it’s one of the most profitable business concepts of 2020-21.


Graphic design is extremely easy to master and learn. After you’ve gained some knowledge in this area, you can earn a profit from it by creating and selling your designs.


Medical transcriptionists usually cost between 6 and 14 cents for each line of transcription, which could quickly increase. The average processing time of transcription work is 24 hours, which means it is essential to remain up to date with the tasks you are offered. The flexibility to accept just a handful of requests at first means you can increase your volume as you’re ready, making transcription a simple service to begin gradually. The best part is that there is a minimal startup expense and cost. All you need is a computer with the right software, as well as a safe messaging system.

  1. Professional organizer


Are you looking for a business concept that will “spark joy”? Professional organizers, such as Marie Kondo, help people reduce clutter and make a living. In this day of consumerism there are many who want to reduce their size and gain control of their possessions instead of letting their possessions take over them. The trend of minimalism is growing in popularity however, many have a difficult time parting of things they’ve had for a long period of time. A major part of being an expert planner is helping customers create an approach to reducing their clutter and preserving their current style.


If you’re an organized person who likes to make spaces that are functional and comfortable, you could be adept at helping others achieve the same. Many people will hire you to help them find a way to reduce their possessions, and then maintain an orderly space. To advertise your business, request that your customers allow you to capture before and after pictures of the areas of their homes that you’ve organized and then use them to build a portfolio can be shared on social media to draw more customers.

  1. Cleaning service


If you enjoy cleaning it is easy to transform it into a profitable business. With just a handful of employees and a variety of cleaning equipment and a vehicle, you could provide cleaning services for homeowners, apartment complexes as well as commercial buildings. The majority of cleaning services cost from $25 to $50 an hour. Cleaning services are simple businesses which require minimal expenses; all you need is the right planning, commitment as well as marketing in order to make your company noticed.


If you’re trying to distinguish your business from other cleaning companies you should consider adding additional services such as floor waxing or power washing to pay an additional cost. These options could be the difference between your brand new cleaning service and established companies with an extensive client base to offer that level of service.

  1. Freelance copywriter


Questions and Answers You Need to Ask Yourself Prior to Starting A Business


  1. What are the reasons I would like to create a company?


It may sound obvious, but often we decide to begin a business without thinking about the reason. What inspired you to start your own business or is this something that you are passionate about?


  1. Does this business idea have the potential to earn me money today and in the near future?


If your answer is no then you might want to think about it. It isn’t a good idea to explore a business idea only for it to cost you more than you earn. While money isn’t the primary factor but the result however, it is your responsibility to ensure that the company is financial stability.


  1. Who is my ideal customer for my company?


It is important to adapt your business to an audience that is targeted. This is helpful when marketing and advertising your business to a niche market and creating products consumers would want to consume. It is important to keep in mind that your business is not accessible to everyone and every person, choose a specific market segment and concentrate on them since this can lead to the financial benefits later.


  1. What are my competitions?


Most likely, the business concept you’ve come up with is already in existence somewhere and there could be a variety of variants of your business already. Therefore, it’s important to study other companies similar to yours and discover what you can do that sets you apart. Examine competitors, and see the way they engage with their customers on the internet, how they market their offerings and how solid their brand image is.


  1. How do you define your USP?


In analyzing your competition, it allows you to determine your distinctive selling point. Find out what is it that makes your company unique? What makes it stand out from all the other businesses in the market?


  1. How can I promote my company?


It is essential to target your target market. If you have the right marketing plan, it’s more likely that your website and social media platforms will be noticed by your desired targeted audience, which can increase the number of visitors and sales!


  1. What price should I set for my product?


You don’t want your products to be over price your product, however you also don’t wish to set your prices too low. This is where the research is useful when you’ll want to know the prices your competitors price their items at. Are your products the same as theirs, but more expensive or easy to use? Also, you should consider the cost of packaging and postage and also the overall business. How do you position yourself within the marketplace for your customers?


  1. Do I have enough money to begin this business?


Before you can begin earning money, you must invest money in your business to get it started. Before you begin the most important thing to make is an inventory of the items you’ll need to purchase before you are able to


With them with them, and (with dogs) with them, and (with dogs). It is also important to inform your clients about what they’re doing with their pets.


In the event that you are able to find other income sources that only require an internet connection and laptop, then pet sitting could be a great small-scale business idea. Most pet owners are happy to allow you to work from your laptop while you are at pet’s home, which means you’ll be able to run two streams of income simultaneously.

Which are your most profitable small-scale companies?


Small-scale businesses that use web design, which is a subset of marketing via digital channels, are likely to be among the ones which make the highest sales and earn the highest profits. Businesses are now discovered through the internet more frequently than through other channels So attracting customers and a steady stream of income is not a problem. Real estate and cleaning companies have high rates of success that makes sense since everyone needs homes and prefer their homes clean.


Key Takeaway: Some of the most lucrative business concepts are web design cleaning services, cleaning services, as well as real estate.

What is a great small-scale business idea to start?


If you’re looking to maximize profits while minimizing the amount of work you do, a suitable small-scale business idea could be one of the businesses which are most often successful. If you’re more focused on incorporating your interests into your job while making enough money to liveon, the best small business to begin with is one that is satisfying to you and requires you to utilize your talents and skills, and provides you with an ideal work-life balance. It’s a lot of fantastic ideas for business that this question isn’t a definitive answer. You know better than anyone else what small business concepts will give you joy as well as stability and success.

How do I begin my own business without cash?


There is no need for money to be a small-business owner. The first step to start an enterprise without money is to continue with your current job and start your business on the side as at present, a secondary activity. Next, you should create your business plan, and then analyze your market, customers and the potential obstacles. In the last stages of your planning you’ll be able to determine the amount of money you’ll need to begin your venture. This money can be found via crowdfunding platforms and investors. You should consider taking out an enterprise loan as an option last resort.


TipTip: Pick a small business plan that has low start-up cost. If you’re still not able to raise enough cash, you could finance your business plan through crowdfunding or investing.


How can I begin an online business that is small and manageable from my at home?


Businesses that are based at home tend to be the most practical and feasible small business concepts. However, some business concepts can be implemented in a home office So, make sure that your business can operate at home. Jobs that have high onsite requirements and intense demand for in-person workers may not be appropriate. When you create your business plan and budget, make sure you include office equipment and equipment that will make your business online feasible with a business computer, a suitable desk and high-speed internet as well as filing cabinets, and an online presence for your business.

What’s the process step-by-step to start a business?


The process of starting a business requires an enormous amount of effort however, with the right tools and strategies you can have your business up and up and running in no time. While your particular business path is unique to you We have identified a few steps entrepreneurs can follow to begin their venture.


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